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By Michael O. Powell
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Air Traffic is an indie rock band hailing from Bournemouth, England. While sporting many of the trademark sounds of modern Brit-pop, Air Traffic also has a unique sound that takes one back to the piano solo stylings of Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. Chris Wall, the band's pianist and singer, took time out of his busy U.S. tour for an interview with me.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Mine personally would be Radiohead, Pink Floyd. I don't know that what you listen to really influences what you produce.

How did you end up at Astralwerks?

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We signed at EMI Worldwide and the Astralwerks crew came down and met with us at a show and it seemed like the place to be. Everything we've done with them so far has been spot on. I don't mind being associated with Chemical Brothers.

Were you pleased the reception the "Fractured Life" album received?

Yes and no. Yes in terms of what the reaction was. No in how more people weren't exposed to it. I think it's a really good starting ground.

I read that one of your videos was filmed in Romania. What was that like?

It was a bit weird to be honest. The people there were really nice. It was a bit cultureshock. It's very poverty stricken. It's extreme poverty mixed with real wealth. We were in this really nice hotel looking over this extreme poverty. They still have the scars of the old dictatorship.

What are some difficulties that you've faced in your career?

Nothing really other than the difficulties in the music industry. There are more and more bands and there are less getting to enormous status. It's hard to do something really different and get to a lot of people. It's an enjoyable challenge.

How has piracy affected you?

It's affected us hugely. I can see it as a good and bad thing. It promotes the music and gets people to the show but you don't break on to the charts. I know I download a lot of programs and albums to see if I like it, and then if I like it I go and buy it. If I don't, I just delete it. I think a lot of people do that.


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