Bleepfest FAQ 

I've never heard of Bleepfest, what is it?
	It was conceived as a demo-day for music that
	is predominantly electronic. The idea was that
	performance and interaction between artists would
	be a fun thing. It has developed into a high-
	quality survey of what's happening right now in
	electronics based music.

What genres are there?
	A wide variety - everything from pure art to

How many have there been?
	As of Bleepfest Berlin08, there will have been
	four - two in London, two in Berlin.

How often do they happen?
	At least once a year we hope.

Can I play at one?
	Maybe. We're always looking out for interesting,
	high quality music. If you're interested, contact
	us using the 
Mstation contact page

Why don't you have one in Xxxxxxxx?
	We'd love to .. really, but you can run one yourself.
	We have no patents on the idea.

Why don't you have an 8 bit section?
	That would be fun but we just haven't come across any
	8 bitters.

Does everyone have to use a Mac?
	Lot's of people use Macs because they're relatively
	fuss-free to make music with. We encourage people using
	OS's like Linux or their own weird made-up boxes but
	really, it's about the music, not what you make it with.