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ed. Joe Grand, Hardware Hacking - Have Fun While Voiding Your Warranty, Syngress

Last month we put up an excerpt from this book on how to change the battery of an iPod. There are lots of similar useful-if-they're-useful projects here. Maybe you have a need to remove the proprietary code from your cuecat so that it can become a barcode reader or maybe you want 16 Meg RAM in your Palm m505, not to mention making a home theater PC or getting your PS2 to boot code from the memory card. This book might be good to have around for those weekends where some non-essential fiddling just has to be done.

Dave Taylor and Brian Jepson, Unix for Mac OS X Panther, O'Reilly

This book is for those who use OS X but haven't much in the way of Unix skills. It introduces you to the terminal and a variety of useful tasks that can be performed using the command line.

Along the way it covers aspects like the Unix file system, managing files, editors, IO, the internet, and a nice little section on using X11 remotely.

One of the beauties of the complexity of Unix is that unless you're a complete guru, there will always be little things you pick up in books like this, that you didn't know before.

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