travel: music: whatever: podcast intro - Camden, London

recording day was ////////y
photo day was sunny

cute skater emma on the way.
camden town tube station.
sweaty throngs.
muggy day but no rain.
mohicaned doc marten's
carrying placards.
first markets
and shops trashy tourist.
camden lock.
the lock is a canal lock.
little canal
narrow boats
to Little Venice
(don't take that name
 too seriously).

narrow alleys.
chinese food.
all sorts.
colours. smells
stalls of jewelry, clothes, shoes,
 weird stuff.
of wax pellets
 with wicks put in.
floating. bad art.
 what is
bad art?

tribal dreams.
more plain
tourists and suburbanites this

depeche f---ing mode,
 shorts, flip
hanging things.
material, clothes, some

strains of past top ten.
reggae, rave.
neo-hippies and
muted peace and love.

love is the dancing girl
in cyberdog.
she moves loosely
in the corner then gets up
 by a speaker
 and dances.
another girl mimics
 robotic movements.
 crowds gather.
is cool.
the other is sex.


the podcast is at

    we weren't allowed to take this photo ---->
    pity. it would have been quite good.

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