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Fri, 06 Feb 2009

fashion: Boys Go Girl

We guess there are certain parts of town where this won't ride ... from the NYT...

'Perhaps you havenít really noticed yet, but fashion-forward men, like my new trinity of adoration ó Bryan Boy, Yu Masui and Jean-Paul Paula ó have been feminizing their ensembles and pushing past females in the next-level department. And I, for one, am rapt.

The look, to be clear, is not at all about cross-dressing. Itís men dressing mostly like men but with accessories and the odd (Prada lace) halter from the womenís department. Itís so genius that it makes you wonder why every guy doesnít do this. It also makes me think I am getting sartorially lazy; itís time to step up the game.

Believe me, to see Yu Masui in tattered khakis and an old white tee beneath a Jil Sander spring/summer Ď08 sheer color-block dress is to know that you are really not thinking outside the box.

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