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Sat, 28 Feb 2009

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f e a t u r e s: March 2009

Music 1 - Brooklyn duo Telepathe have a new album out next month and are playing around NY at the moment before spending the summer in Berlin, Germany.Interview and Podcast

Wetware/Software - Transmediale is an annual festival of emerging music and visual art. We wents along to find an unexpectedly geeky event that sought to include things relating to climate change and the like. Report

Music 2 - Alexandre Decoupigny has worked on installations as well as "pure" music and will be appearing at Bleepfest Berlin 3. We chat about audio and visual amongst other things. Interview

Wetware - Last month's Faust interview made Michael Powell interested in Ardnt Peltner, a German language broadcaster in Berkeley, CA. Interview

Travel Update - We update our Berlin guide to include a much larger section on Freidrichshain, which is the part of Berlin where Bleepfest Berlin 3 will be held on Easter weekend. Report

Hardware Update -We found out the answer to the problem of dissappearing MIDI control between a PC and an M-Audio keyboard. The answer is ... here

Music Podcasts - This month it's Brooklyn duo Telepathe with a track from their next album due out in April 09.Podcasts

More Music - Monthly Video Picks This month's pick is ...The Cure. Videos

Games - Will the recession which hasn't hit gaming yet increase small teams and creativity?? Commentary

Music - Pop/dance the world of DJ's - mannered? boring? Surely not. Commentary

Music - Classical Baron K listens to some lovely Early Music and brings Belgian beer into the discussion. Commentary

Books - Iggy Pop, Bad Monkeys adventures, Watching the English, and growing up as a surfer in LA. Reviews

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