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Wed, 08 Oct 2008

Sports Video Group Audio (NYC)

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The Sports Video Group will hold a special audio event on October 22 in New York City to discuss different sports audio technologies and approaches to loudness control as the industry looks to move forward on the most vexing issue in the DTV transition: solid and consistent audio. The event will focus on new solutions introduced at the AES convention, current workflows, and next-generation approaches as well as a look at the current White Spaces issue. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Ron Scalise Memorial Foundation.

Here Are the Session Topics:

  • Consoles for Sports
  • Miking Techniques
  • Mixing Techniques
  • The Loudness Debate
  • White Space Update
  • Plus: Networking Lunch and Reception

Here's Who's Speaking:

  • Fred Aldous, Fox Sports, Senior Audio Mixer
  • Dennis Baxter, Beijing Olympic Broadcasting, Sound Designer
  • Tim Carroll, Linear Acoustic, President
  • Roger Charlesworth, Consultant
  • Andrew Clark, SSL Broadcast Console Product Manager, UK
  • Kevin Cleary, ESPN Event Ops, Senior Technical Audio Producer
  • Dan Daly, Sports Audio Columnist
  • Mike Franklin, Euphonix EVP, Worldwide Sales
  • John Gluck, Calrec Audio Limited, Sales and Marketing Director
  • David Hatmaker, Yamaha R&D Manager
  • Ken Hunold, Dolby Laboratories, Broadcast Applications Engineer
  • Ken Kerschbaumer, SVG Editorial Director
  • Steve Rance, Fairlight
  • Edgar Riehl, Shure Advanced Development Group, Technology Director
  • Tom Sahara, Turner Sports, Senior Director of Remote Operations
  • Bob Seidel, CBS, VP of Engineering and Technology
  • Jim Starzynski, NBC Universal Advanced Engineering, Principal Engineer and Audio Architect
  • Rusty Waite, Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup
  • Peter Weber, Studer, Product Manager, Vista Consoles
  • Jeff Willis, ESPN Coordinating Technical Managerst


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