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Wed, 04 Mar 2009

How to fight Gov Spying

EFF Releases How-To Guide to Fight Government Spying

'Surveillance Self-Defense' Gives Practical Advice on
Protecting Your Private Data

San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
launched its Surveillance Self-Defense project today -- an
online how-to guide for protecting your private data
against government spying.  You can find the project at

EFF created the Surveillance Self-Defense site to educate
Americans about the law and technology of communications
surveillance and computer searches and seizures, and to
provide the information and tools necessary to keep their
private data out of the government's hands.  The guide
includes tips on assessing the security risks to your
personal computer files and communications, strategies for
interacting with law enforcement, and articles on specific
defensive technologies such as encryption that can help
protect the privacy of your data.

"Despite a long and troubling history in this country of
the government abusing its surveillance powers, most
Americans know very little about how the law protects them
or about how they can take steps to protect themselves
against government surveillance," said EFF Senior Staff
Attorney Kevin Bankston.  "The Surveillance Self-Defense
project offers citizens a legal and technical toolkit with
tips on how to defend themselves in case the government
attempts to search, seize, subpoena or spy on their most
private data."

Surveillance Self-Defense details what the government can
legally do to spy on your computer data and communications,
and what you can legally do to protect yourself against
such spying.  It addresses how to protect not only the data
stored on your computer, but also the data you communicate
over the phone or the Internet and data about your
communications that are stored by third party service

"You can imagine the Internet as a giant vacuum cleaner,
sucking up all of the private information that you let near
it.  We want to show people the tools they can use to
encrypt and anonymize data, protecting themselves against
government surveillance," said EFF Staff Technologist Peter
Eckersley.  "Privacy is about mitigating risks and making
tradeoffs.  Every decision you make about whether to save
an email, chat online, or search with or sign into Google
has privacy implications.  It's important to understand
those implications and make informed decisions based on
them, and we hope that Surveillance Self-Defense will help
you do that."

Surveillance Self-Defense was created with the support of
the Open Society Institute.

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