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Thu, 02 Oct 2008

Bush Tetras and more (London)


Corsica Studios and Stop Making Sense present

Alphabet City 

featuring live performances from

The Bush Tetras (exclusive UK show)
Emperor Machine 
Chik Budo 
JD Twitch ( OPTIMO)
Allez Allez
Damon Martin ( Disco Bloodbath)
SoulJazz Soundsystem
Richard Sen ( Padded Cell )
StopMakingSense DJs
Joe Angular

Plus cult NYC movie screenings all night longÂ….

Friday 17th October  9pm – 5am
ÂŁ10 advance / ÂŁ12 on the door

Corsica Studios
4/5 Elephant Road
SE17 1LB

Tel:020 703 4760

Corsica Studios, London’s ultimate underground music venue, have teamed up with notorious South London party starters Stop Making Sense ( Fear of Music, Extra Special ) to bring you an evening of New York inspired punk-funk no-wave disco. Featuring an exclusive UK show from NYC No Wave luminaries the Bush Tetras, live guests Emperor Machine, Chik Budo and Kasms plus a host of DJs inspired and influenced by that NYC sound ( JD Twitch - OPTIMO, Richard Sen – Padded Cell, Disco Bloodbath, Allez Allez ) this will be absolutely unmissable.

NYC in the late 70’s and 80’s was a fertile breeding ground for some of the most original music in decades. Punk was mutating into hardcore, disco was approaching its sell by date and a whole generation of artists and musicians were getting restless. One of the more notable movements/scenes to emerge from the crime-ridden streets of the Lower East Side was No Wave. Taking elements of these moribund genres and infusing them with an independent “fuck you” agenda a new sound was experiencing a troublesome birth. Clubs such as the Danceteria, The Mudd Club and Club 57 were the focal points of this Downtown Dystopia and Alphabet City was at the heart of this musical evolution.

The Bush Tetras were one of the key players in this movement. Despite the BTs direct connection to No Wave - which was as much guilt by association as it was musical intent - they were somewhat of an anomaly. Their dark, angular funky fun music somehow fit in with yet simultaneously flew in the face of the likes of the cohesive dissonance of the Scissor Girls/Glen Branca, the wilful intent to annoy of Lydia Lunch and the detuned James Brown meets Ornette Coleman shriek of The Contortions. In their initial incarnation ( 1980 – 1985 ) they released three 7”EPs and two cassettes. Their legend grew in their absence and the band reunited in 1995 releasing an EP and CD only to implode again in 1998. In 2005 original members Pat Place, Cynthia Sley and Dee Pop reunited yet again with new bass player Julia Murphy and recorded and new CD called Very Very Happy .

With 1980’s “Too Many Creeps” the BTs invented the brand of scabby lo-fi punk-funk that DFA LCD NYPC and other initial happy dance teams currently crave. The Tetras used a snippy bored-to-tears vocal mien and lyrics that turned into a mean ass mantra with repetition. They had hard, fluid grooves and slashity slashing guitars

Imagine Fugazi led by three women, 10 years earlier, or even better, a female fronted Gang of Four.

Bush Tetras

“Before the Bush Tetras, a funk-punk New York quartet fronted by three women, there were no lesbian avant-funk combos playing dance music in New York clubs. It’s no surprise that when the Bush Tetras reformed for a one-off (??) show last April, their music sounded incredibly contemporary, like it could have been created yesterday by musicians a full 15 years younger.” – James Lien CMJ NMM, July 1995

“A Synthesis of African sensibilities (as perceived by white Americans) with the modern dance to form a global tribal music.” – Trouser Press Record Guide

“They’re local legends from a time (late ‘70s/early ‘80s) when art-funk wasn’t an overplayed joke. Every once in a while, they regather for timely reminders of such and maybe to teach the young’uns a lesson about how it’s really supposed to be done.” – Time Out NY

“15 years later this stuff still sounds like the music of the future.” – CMJ NMM

“The only group ever to have its presence mourned by a member of the X-Men, Bush Tetras were as important to 80s indie music as the Velvet Underground was to the entire punk scene.” – NY Press

“In 1980 the mostly female Bush Tetras were plying their fractured funk in ways the Gang of Four never imagined, and forging a distinctive character in the days when a woman’s role in music was ornamental or just plain boring.” – Alt. Press

“With their funk-punk rhythms, urban feminist anthems, and Pat Place’s acid-scratch guitar, the Bush Tetras ruled New York nightclubs in the early ‘80s; to the rest of the world, they were probably way ahead of their time.” - Village Voice

“These gals (and guy) may just be the best white funky hipster band to come around since the 70’s ended. Unlike the Talking Heads, this stuff is a lot less arty and is more straight forward Dance-rock.” – Roctober

“Hostile girl-you’ll-be-a-woman-soon voidoid phunk concocted of equal parts angular rhythms, oft-kilter melodies, gurgly, dissonant guitar work, pouty pms vocalizing and the odd industrial noise or two… essential listening.” – Brutarian

“…a fresh-sounding hybrid of guitar-driven punk, funk and African rhythms…” – Daily News (LA)

“…they brought life to the postpunk era with an infectious hard-edge, rhythm-driven funk groove.” – Detroit Metro Times

“…they infused punk catharsis with spasmodic funk grooves…” – Boston Phoenix

“They blended Pat Place’s jangly, dissonant guitar, the spare funk bass lines of Laura Kennedy and Dee Pop’s hammer-on-anvil industrial percussion with the now-frantic/now-stoned vocalizing of Cynthia Sley and found their ticket out of the increasingly clichéd torn T-shirt maelstrom” – Magnet

“[The Bush Tetras] played a nervy, mind-altering blend of funk and minimalist New Wave rock that has never been equaled.” – Jersey Journal

Emperor Machine

The Emperor Machine was born on last day of the last century spawned from a desirous and dirty relationship between an EMS VCS3 and a Roland System 100. The lust child that was not yet the Emperor Machine was abandoned at birth and spent a solitary existence in the backwaters of a county town, white noise and synthesizers its only source of company. Dribbling with degenerate energy, it was inevitable that The Emperor Machine would soon come to the attention of the agents of DC Recordings, who are poised, ever ready to pluck any such mutated beast from the the drainage ducts of the musical sewer and cudgel them into their own sordid conduit.

Like the proverbial duckling that it never was the beast quickly ground down any resistance to its vile and apparent nature and thrived on the underbelly of the industry that could not speak its name.

The Emperor Machine forced its first offering through DC Recordings in 2004, the erotically charged and tantalisingly named "Aimee Tallulah is Hypnotised". Strengthened by the response this garnered from a now salivating public, it embarked on a bolder series called “Vertical Tones and Horizontal Noise”, six powerful emissions that mutated into their own album-like shape.

In 2008 The Emperor Machine has begun to appear live across the UK and Europe, creating alarm and intense interest in this previously obscure and highly degenerate entity. Already reported in the UK, France and Belgium and predicted to reach Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany and even Russia by the year-end, all attempts to contain the Live Emperor Machine have proved futile.

Furthermore, it is now known that The Emperor Machine is once again smearing itself over the studio, preparing for a third album length emission in 2009....

The Emperor Machine is Andy Meecham, producer extraordinaire and erstwhile member of dance music legends Bizarre Inc., dub disco aficionados Chicken Lips and punk funk dark horses Big Two Hundred. The Emperor Machine is AndyÂ’s most passionate project that sees his fetishism for analogue synthesisers and radiophonic noise spilling out of his studio and into the world.

With over fifteen releases for DC Recordings in less than five years it has been a rapid and heady ascendancy to near cult status for The Emperor Machine. 2008 has seen the advent of the Emperor Machine Live! Joined by some of the very finest musicians and visual artists, Meecham has realized his project live and has been touring Europe to rapturous response!

Chik Budo

Mega distorto party music with added mental Sax. I am a super fun popular music combo by the name of Chik Budo. I dont sing sweet songs about love or bamboozle you with an aggressive political agenda. Instead I try to make you happy by blasting you with a squalling noise for approximately 30 minutes. Dont worry if this sounds scary. Trust me, you will enjoy it.

I am composed in painstaking detail on a computer by Hahn with the invaluable harmonic contributions of Webster & Crowther. Its controversial, but it works.

I can often be found late at night making a mighty racket in a dingy dive close to you.


Rachel Mary Callaghan, Gemma Fleet, Scott R. Walker and Rory Brattwell met in late October, 2007 when the four of them got into a drunken row at a cash point in Dalston. They had all been in a variety of bands, most well known being RoryÂ’s part in short-lived NME favourites Test Icicles, although he vehemently denies his involvement in such rubbish and thinks that if he keeps changing his name people wonÂ’t make the connection.

KASMs’ must see live shows are intense and brutal, they can often end up in complete disarray with bodies littering the stage. Rachel Mary Callahan’s psychotic performances are up there with Lydia Lunch and Poly Styrene before her. Don’t be fooled by her ‘butter wouldn’t melt...’ off-stage appearance.


Keith McIvor is one half of the DJ team behind legendary Glasgow Club OPTIMO. He started DJing in 1987 and in 1990 co founded "Pure" in Edinburgh, Scotland's first techno club which ran for ten years. In 1997, having already worked together on a few projects Keith formed a partnership with JG Wilkes to work on Keith’s idea for a weekly Sunday night party in Glasgow. The party is OPTIMO (Espacio), the now legendary club. JD Twitch and JG Wilkes DJ together internationally every weekend and have toured extensively in UK/Europe/US/Japan/Brazil and Australia. However the duo remain faithful to their weekly Sunday residency in Glasgow and return from however far afield to play to what they describe as their “Beloved Optimo crowd”…” the best in the world….”

The artists to have appeared at Optimo are too numerous to mention but include such names as Liquid Liquid, ESG, Grace Jones, LCD Soundsystem, Lee Perry, Zongamin, Whitehouse, Luciano, Isolee, Franz Ferdinand, Sir Richard Bishop, The Rapture, The Bug, Atom Heart, HotChip, Bush Tetras, Alter Ego, Padded Cell, Cut / Copy and many ,many moreÂ… Allez Allez

Allez-Allez are rapidly gaining a reputation as London's hottest up-and coming DJs. They promote Kompakt's London parties at Plastic People which have seen them play alongside the likes of Michael Mayer, Superpitcher, Gui Borrato, Justus Kohncke, Thomas Fehlmann, The Field and DJ Koze. They have hosted and played alongside the likes of Nathan Fake, LCD's James Murphy, Optimo, Four Tet, Shackleton, Hercules & Love Affair and Clark amongst others They have also played twice at James Holden's legendary Border Community parties at The End.

Their blog / podcast series (located at www.allez- features exclusive weekly mixes from Allez-Allez, plus guest mixes from the likes of Nathan Fake, Hot Chip, Studio, Andrew Weatherall Lindstrom, Tobias Thomas, Optimo, Ewan Pearson, Joakim and Four Tet.

Their DJ sets are a party mixture of all things weird, wonderful and danceable - think krautrock / minimal / industrial / house.

DJ Magazine "Electronic rule breakers Allez-Allez are set to rule 2008" The Guardian Guide - "Allez-Allez have an undoubtable rein on 2008's nightlife" Time Out - "their consistently excellent podcast series knocks Resident Advisor off their itunes throne, walking the line between rock, rave and everything in between" Kultureflash - "two of London's most inventive and in demand DJs" PLAN B - "Allez-Allez are developing a space-disco aesthetic that bypasses the sleaze and heads for the stratospheres"

SoulJazz Soundsystem

The label behind numerous post punk and no wave compilations such as New York Noise, ESG, In The Beginning There Was Rhythm and D.I.Y. Also undoubted experts on the whole New York No Wave / Punk Funk scene.

Damon Martin ( Disco Bloodbath )

Disco Bloodbath is not like other discos...

Disco Bloodbath is a legendary monthly party located in deepest Dalston. So far they've managed to lure some amazing international DJs to perform including Richard Sen (Padded Cell), Severino (Horse Meat Disco), Frank Tope (Rooty), Rune Lindbaek (Norway), Lee Douglas (Rong Music, NYC), Lovefingers (Black Disco, LA), The Cosmic Truth, Tako (, Nadia Ksaiba (Our Disco), Felix Dickinson (Cynic), Toby Tobias (Rekids) and Andy Blake (Dissident), Ben Rymer (DFA) and Nathan Gregory Wilkins (History Clock).

Remember kids: if it doesn't say Disco Bloodbath on the box it's not the real thing.

Richard Sen DJ set ( Padded Cell )

Richard Sen and Neil Beatnik are not normal people. Having won notoriety as a Bronx Dog (Heavenly) and a Dirty Beatnik (Wall of Sound) respectively, Padded Cell came about in 2002, partly as a response to the conservatism of early millennium dance music but also to act as a conduit through which they could conduct and realize their most outlandish ideas.

With a sound that draws from sources as diverse as Goblin, The Velvet Underground, Arthur Russell, Prince, Carl Craig and label boss J Saul Kane, analogue fetishism and creeping psychosis are key themes, as is a need to create something that is both honest and unique.

A shared history as club deejays and producers means that even the most mind bending elements of their sound are conducted through dance floor focused channels; disco breaks and rolling percussion combining with menacing synth work outs, electro sensibilities and live instrumentation to create an unholy brew that has been described variously as 'dark-disco', 'goth-disco-rock', and perhaps most tellingly of all, 'devils-disco'.

StopMakingSense Soundsystem

Rising from the ashes of the former night Fear of Music, Stop Making Sense happens @ The Social W1 in London on the third Saturday of every month and sporadically at the Amersham Arms in New Cross. Sometimes they put on parties in warehouses, art studios, abandoned clinics, empty orphanages, derelict pubs and their living rooms. Hosted by Ian “Nasty” McQuaid and Leaf these guys will start the party, kidnap the neighbours and take them on joyride down to the local off-license. Approach with caution, for they will bring it on.

Joe Angular

Head honcho of Angular Records, home to These New Puritans, Klaxons, The Long Blondes, Art Brut, Bloc Party, The Violets, Wet Dog and more .


After 5 years of hosting their own events ( Baba YagaÂ’s Hut, Trouble Vision, An Elkectric Storm, Enter the Dragon Ladies, Shadowfist, Cabaret Sauvignon, The Night Gallery) invite-only private warehouse parties (including the notorious LOWLIFE, WANG!, GRECO-ROMAN and AT NIGHT.... events), covert art happenings by collectives such as WOWOW!, Signs of Life and Guerilla Zo and gigs by Crystal Castles, Bonde do Role, Black Lips, FAUST, Cobra Killer, Acid Mother Temple, Lydia Lunch, Circle and Sunburned Hand of The Man amongst others, Corsica Studios has finally emerged from the underground into its new life as a unique and independent arts and live music venue.

"Weird, wonderful and well worth the trip to the Elephant and Castle"

"a brilliant labyrinthian space beneath a railway arch in Elephant & Castle in which to experience art, music, performance and film"

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