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Fri, 06 Feb 2009

Games Dev Con (Brighton)

'Dear Games Developer,

Video games are evolving. The way video games are developed is evolving.To reflect this the Develop
Conference 2009 is pleased to announce a brand new addition to this year’s event:

evolve will focus on how to develop games for new platforms including mobile, iPhone and XBLA, new
technologies and new markets like social and casual gaming. It will help game developers tackle the
issues arising from emerging platforms and digital marketplaces, connected gaming, user-generated
content and cross-over between games and Internet services.

evolve takes place on Tuesday 14 July and consists of three dedicated tracks - Coding & Production,
Art & Design and Business. On top of that there will be a new evolve track added to the Develop
Conference on 15-16 July which will sit alongside the existing tracks - Coding, Production, Game
Design, Art & Animation, Business and Audio tracks. 

So make sure you stay ahead of the game this year - come to Develop in Brighton and evolve!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Ali Wynn
Develop Conference Director

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