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Wed, 11 Feb 2009

DJ Hell release

'When Hell launched his International Deejay Gigolos Empire in 1996, his rebellious creative streak
gave the label a punk DIY aesthetic. An open-ended techno imprint with a natural pop sensibility,
Gigolo immediately stood out and attracted like-minded artists such as Fischerspooner, Vitalic, Miss
Kittin & the Hacker, Tiga, even the Pet Shop Boys, Jeff Mills and Dopplereffekt. Today, Gigolo in
Berlin is to Hell what the Factory in New York was to Warhol. Like Warhol, Hell is the man with the
vision, whose enthusiasm and inspiration to this

Teufelswerk – the German for “Devil’s Work” – is Hell’s masterpiece. Across 16 exquisite tracks
divided into two themes, “Night” and “Day”, Hell weaves an intoxicating spell. Celestial vocals
cascade around an acoustic guitar figure as a motorik rhythm propels it ever skywards, sharing
space, spiritually at least, with Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and Can. Teufelswerk is a lush, narcotic
odyssey, the album sounds unlike anything he’s produced in the past. “The album is very personal,”
he says. “All my knowledge is there…I don’t think I can make a better record.”

Hell, with his old friend Peter Kruder produced the "Day" half assisted by noted
multi-instrumentalists Christian Prommer and Roberto Di Gioia. This is Hell's enchanting
interpretation of kosmische musik. “The Angst & The Angst Pt. 2” joins tracks “Germania”, “Hell’s
Kitchen” and “I Prefer Women to Men Anyway” to unravel with sinuous grace, culminating in a cosmic
reading of Hawkwind’s “Silver Machine”.

The “Night” album is raw mix of Chicago and Detroit influences combined with Hell’s swashbuckling
approach to electronics, this portion is for the dance floor. Ten-minute jams such as “Wonderland”
and “Electronic Germany” zoom and thrust with menacing intent. Hell hooked up once more with hip-hop
superstar P. Diddy for freestyle jack-track and future single, “The DJ”. The most pleasant,
eyebrow-raising moment here is the collaboration with Bryan Ferry, “U Can Dance”. This serpentine
disco burner, a smouldering highlight of Teufelswerk, finally unites two of modern pop’s suavest

For his new single release Hell invited Henrik Schwarz to bring a touch of the night to “The Angst
Pt. 1and Pt. 2.” As a stand-alone piece of music it’s as solid as the dance floors it will be played
on, but immediately hints at the wealth of ideas that exist on this forthcoming album.

“I have done kosmische musik in a new way,” he says. “This is where I come from, I grew up with the
early German electronic pioneers of music, and this is why I went in this direction. Often it is
called German electronic avant-garde, or psychedelic music. I went back to the ’70s and tried to do
it in my own way.”

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