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Thu, 26 May 2005

Proper Blosxom URL's working now

Thanks to Halvard Halvorsen and Rob at UKservers, the proper Blosxom URL for podcasts now works as well ( ). We'll change the podcast URL on the next podcast. Both will work for a time.

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1st Podcast - The Mstation dot org Groove

download file - Mstation dot org Groove

Well, here we go ... finally! This is our test podcast to see if all the bits work. So far a few bits haven't worked. One was whose software is dumping uploads at the moment but we're told it will be fixed. We'll thank when it's up and working again.

Anyway, this groove was made by a guy called Kriptik who, in addition to working with a number of hip-hop acts, is also a cover artist and graphic designer. You can check him out at

This track was created by feeding my "mstation dot org" into an Akai drum sampler, and with a few breaks assigned to other pads was played live by thumping the pads. The result was recorded through a Yamaha digital mixer onto a Mac Powerbook G4 using Soundtrack. After that an ancient G3 Powerbook was used to add a couple of effects and turn it into an mp3 with Audacity and Lame. These work pretty well on Mac OS X except where you want to use JACK. The port we have works very badly so far.

We have a whole range of stuff coming up including jump-cut extravaganzas, pure music, and interviews. We're going to try not to have any set format and we will also try to do some things that don't make any sense at all!

Finally, here's how the page currently works. This page gives you info on the tracks we put up. The rss feed at the top left ( ) gives you a feed of this info but not the podcast. The podcast address is given by clicking on the podcast logo ( ) and if you want to subscribe using ipodder or ipodderX or somesuch, you should input that address. One last thing is that the URLs might change on this page. So, if the feed dies, check back on this page to see if there have been any changes.

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