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Thu, 04 Aug 2005

Music in Public Places Part 2: France

download file - France Streets (~11 Meg)

There's quite a bit of variety in a small space here. From the streets of Lille and Boulogne-sur-mer (by the sea), we have cameo appearances by a jazz duo playing in a big square in Lille and a lone flutist blowing up a storm in a winding, cobbled side street. There is virtually no traffic noise as these are pedestrian areas. Then we go to the seaside where we start with a Celtic influenced rave up and then have a twenty voice men's choir singing two old standards that involve the sea. Then, to finish, our favourite which is a lone accordian player with the sounds of seagulls wheeling overhead, people passing by, and puffs of wind.

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Robot Bathing: You've Got ... a song

download file - Robot Bathing "You've Got" (~1.7 Meg)

Here's one song from Robot Bathing. It's dark. It's loud. And it breaks most rules of song construction. We hope you like it.

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