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Mon, 29 Aug 2005

Tin Pan Alley Festival: Soho, London

download file - Tin Pan Alley Festival: Soho, London (~24 Meg)

Held in a little street in Soho, off the famous street for books, Charing Cross Road, we had a lineup of indy-tinged guitar bands with a variety of styles.

In Denmark Street on a normal day you can buy instruments and recording gear and, in the upstairs offices, agents and publicists, guitar makers and blaggers, go about their daily business. Most buildings have their rock history stories -- "The Sex Pistols used this office", "Joe Strummer slept in the basement here", and lots more. And every story has a whole bunch more attached to it. Phillipe Dubreille, the guitarmaker, has his workroom here and the other day Mstation bumped into a jewellry maker for rock stars there -- more stories! We hope to catch him on a podcast later.

On this day the narrow street was crowded with people and the PA echoed around the surrounding blocks. Semi-freaks, musicians, and tourists drank beer in the warm evening and peaceably bopped along to the different strands of a vibrant scene. The festival was in aid of the charity Shelter.

In our podcast we've sampled three bands, the first of which is the Cherubs. You can discover the others by listening.

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