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Mon, 20 Mar 2006

Bleepfest 06 video promos

download file - Bleep Clip 1 m4v format for TV iPod(~2.6Meg) download file - Bleep Clip 2 m4v format for TV iPod(~4Meg) download file - Bleep Clip 3 m4v format for TV iPod(~4.6Meg)

Here are some short promo vids shot with a Nokia N90 (!) and formatted for the newish TV iPod (m4v file). You can get the ordinary mov files by going to

The footage comes from Open Lab's Open Day and also from Christchurch Spitalfields, a famous and newly restored church in London's East End.

Bleepfest is a computer music demo day being held at Christchurch Spitalfields in London on 25 March 06.

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