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Fri, 30 Jun 2006

Camden Market, London

download file - Camden Market (~13.5Meg)

Another in our series of music from public places: This is from Camden in London. As Covent Garden has become pricier, the more alternative universe has shifted to Camden. Here you'll find the alternative tribes out in force. The day we recorded there was a constant drizzle and the whole thing became a Bladerunner experience; snatches of patois and different languages, tribal uniforms, and small stalls and shops dishing out a variety of music although pumping dance was the most frequent.

We wandered around grabbing snatches of this and that including a long sort of metal dance thing in the middle. The loudness grows so don't set your volume super-high at the start or you'll get blown away towards the middle. This was taken while passing Cyberdog, in Camden Lock, which must be the loudest shop around. In there we saw a group of girls who were about six feet tall and super-thin, with irredescent-coloured hair and super-bright clothes. Mstation loves weird kids! The outro catches patois and music bits and sums up the general aural experience well.

There are photos (taken on a sunny day later) and impressionistic commentary here.

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