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Tue, 03 Jul 2007

Autons - Ice Major

download file - The Autons, Ice Major

The Autons have an LP out called Short Term Manifesto which is available from Zip Records in San Francisco. Thunderfinger had something to say about them in last month's Pop Commentary.

And here we have for your edification, track 7, called Ice Major.

Zip Records
Autons at Myspace

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Berlin Sounds and Music

download file - Berlin Sounds

Another in our series of music in public places - this time we head off into Berlin on a Saturday afternoon, around the platzs, and into and out of shops. We started in Alexanderplatz, went around past der Dom and the museums to upper Freidrichsstrasse, up to the Brandenberg Gate, back towards F'strasse and then through Gendarmenmarkt and back up Unter der Linden towards Alexanderplatz again and then, finally, up through Senefelder Platz towards Prenzlauer Berg.

Along the way we found everything from a million mile an hour oompah band to pseudo metal to quiet piano and lounge jazz, and with some cool beats in between.

Beware! This file is not normalised. It has quiet bits and and very loud bits ... just like the real world.

Thanks to Lollipop Shop Records for assistance with recording.

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