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Mon, 30 Oct 2006

Interface-Oriented Design

Ken Pugh, Interface-Oriented Design,
The Pragmatic Programmers

With the rise of distributed computing you'd expect there to be some interest in interfaces -- not particularly the graphical kind but the kind where bits of code talk to each other to get a job done.

This book guides you through the concepts and types of interfaces first by looking at a real world process and then modelling it. Attention is also paid to patterns in one chapter.

The whole idea of this is to highlight interface issues rather than present a new all-encompasing paradigm.

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Graffitti Woman

Nicholas Ganz, Graffitti Woman, Thames and Hudson

The subject of graffitti is liable to raise the blood pressure of some people. It's either the gratuitous wrecking of public spaces by one-celled organisms or interesting social commentary executed in a colourful and masterful manner. Even the second group will have to admit that for every Banksy there are approximately two million troglodytes who could be better occupied by several years of community work cleaning walls and such.

This book presents a selection of female graffitti artists and their work. The fact that there are females actually doing this will probably come as a suprise to some people as the idea of a lone guy with his spray cans outrunning the forces of cleanliness and dodging would-be muggers is probably the one stuck in most people's minds. For better or worse, this book corrects that impression.

What of the work? Some of it is gussied up tagging and some is really quite accomplished. You'll have to see for yourself.

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