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Mon, 20 Dec 2004

AI for Games Developers

David M. Bourg, Glenn Seeman

This is the second book on O'Reilly's games shelf. The first one was
Physics for Games Developers and, somewhat shamefully, M station lost it
at the bottom of a pile and haven't reviewed it yet -- coming up!

The AI book is mainly concerned with weak AI although later in the book
there are sections on Fuzzy Logic and Neural Nets. The start is taken up
with predator following prey algorithms and we're led through a basic
example followed by various improvements to make movement look more
realistic and intelligent. In such a way, our understanding is added to
as we go along. It's also helpful that the examples used relate directly
to games which makes them quite easy to follow if you already know a
little bit about games.

One need this book really fills is that there are precious few AI books
out there with code examples. I saw one other one in the Hands On series
and its examples looked, at a glance, to be truncated. Most are equation
oriented which is fine for their purpose but will have low-level
mathematicians seeking other texts to find out what's going on. So, here
we have a two-in-one and it's useful.

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