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Fri, 30 Jun 2006

Ajax: Pragmatic Ajax

Gehtland, Galbraith, Almaer, Pragmatic Ajax:
A web 2.0 primer, The Pragmatic Programmers

You've probably heard Ajax mentioned before, and you might even be sick of hearing about Web 2.0 already seeing as how mentions seem to mostly come from marketing people and telcos.

Ajax is interesting in its own right though. The visable idea is that sections of a web page can be loaded without the whole page needing to be reloaded. This has been doable for ages by preloading material and using divs in HTML but the killer addition with Ajax is the ability to get material on the fly without preloading. The poster-app for this has been Google maps even though it wasn't actually done in Ajax.

This book takes you through what it's all about and starts off with a Google Maps-like app. It goes to look at different aspects of Ajax including the DOM model and using it in conjunction with the likes of PHP. It also looks at libraries and they are springing up all over the place with the latest being Spry from Adobe. Libraries will be the way that most people use Ajax but a knowledge and understanding of the foundations will serve those that want to be ahead of the curve

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