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Mon, 31 Oct 2005

Asterisk: telephony

Van Meggelen, Smith, Madsen, Asterisk: the future of telephony,

Maybe you've already heard of Asterisk, which is basically an open source PBX (private branch exchange) that runs on a computer. For purely PBX use, the user is freed from proprietry solutions that cost a bomb and are usually retarded in development and operational senses.

So, at the beginning you can run a PBX with basic sort of equipment but as you progress you can do all sorts of interesting things including having interfaces to VOIP and wifi.

This book takes you through the initial equipment selection (Asterisk will need its own machine unless you're just playing), installation, and setup. Because the app has a lot of adjustables, there is a lot of configuration to be done and this book seeks to help you out. And it will.

There are all kinds of possibilities here that will continue to be explored. One of the best is VOIP over wifi -- no wires, no phone company. Those of us who live in places with greedy telcos can hardly wait.

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