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Thu, 01 Dec 2005

Bob Dylan

Douglas Gilbert and Dave Marsh, Forever Young:
Photographs of Bob Dylan, Da Capo

The photographs in this book were from a photoshoot for Look Magazine done in 1964. The pictures never made it into the magazine because the editors thought Dylan too scruffy for their not very Bohemian readership. He doesn't look at all scruffy but he does look different, which he was and is.

Here we have Dylan as a young twenty-something, not long out of Hibbing, and with a little fame to his name. This was before he went electric and just as he was getting together with Joan Baez. The black and white photos show us Greenwich Village and Woodstock in the background of Bob and various friends and acqaintances.

The very interesting text is by Dave Marsh and he sets the background of what is going on at the time and what is coming up, along with the attitudes of what was to become known as the counterculture, and which was a continuum from the Beats. Indeed, Alan Ginsberg is one of those in the pictures. He seems to have had a large talent for popping up at media moments.

It's all a nice slice of history and there is a little extra folder of photos for framing included. Nice touch.

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