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Mon, 24 Mar 2008

Food book!

James and Kay Salter, Life is Meals: a food lover's book of days, Knopf

A book of days for food with unrelated different entries for each day of the year and mostly with an historical reference. If you are a foodie or even a little above the level of the eating Macdonalds walking down the street people then, if you are given to use words like "lovely!" or "delightful", you will use them for this book.

The whole thing has been lovingly put together with little anecdotes, factlets, ideas, and lore. I suppose the idea is that you'd consult it on a daily basis but I gobbled it up and will keep it by my bedside for a while and dip into it randomly.

Where else, under one cover, can you simultaneously discover Duma's salad dressing recipe and which Chateau d'Yqem to order if you've just won the lottery (the 1975)? (Baron K)

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