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Thu, 01 Nov 2007

Ellis Lunar

Brett Easton Ellis, Lunar Park, Picador

This has been out for a while now - in hardback since 2005 apparently, but the paperback hasn't really been a presence on shelves until quite recently.

As far as we were concerned, Less than Zero was still it - a not so nice invocation of nihilistic L.A. with the appropriate soundtrack of the Bangles... appropriate because the B's really didn't have all that much to say whereas the likes of X had plenty on their mind. Or even the idea of MTV going eternally with the sound off! Nice one.

Some years later, and after four further critically acclaimed novels, comes this one, Lunar Park. It is purportedly his story, even though it is billed as a novel. His story, as a celebrity author, involves much in the way of drugs, alcohol, lost moments, emotional distances, and detailed descriptions of surrounding objects.

Not much distance at all from Less than Zero, you might say but this is different as some sort of redemption is being attempted along the thing strewn way. It is very readable in a sort of voyeuristic way but the self-referentiality of it all is a bit, well, nauseating - like a media event where all the media get together and pretend they're somehow important and introduce each other as if they represent something far beyond their actual occurence.

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