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Mon, 24 Mar 2008

Make: the book

Various, The Best of Make, O'Reilly

In the past we've looked at a few issues of Make magazine. They're always fun and usually there's one or two projects we wouldn't mind having a try at.

The Best Of has 75 projects culled from the past and there are quite a few fun ones there. There's even a music section with projects like making a cereal box amp or a cigar box guitar. Another has you fiddling with the circuits of old battery-powered synths to create new sounds.

Our favorite of the bigger projects was a complete wind generated electricity outfit - propeller, stand, generator, circuits, as well as a lot of helpful safety and other pointers.

This brings us to the whole attitude of the thing - You Can Do It! Don't let other people convince you that you're ignorant and powerless.

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