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Sun, 06 Jul 2008

My New Mac

Wallace Wang, My New Mac: 52 Simple projects to get you started,
No Starch Press

We have an excerpt from this book here.

This book is actually a little bit more than just a list of tricks. It is a fully-fledged guide to getting around and doing most of the things you might need to do. As such, it's a fairly ideal guide for someone who has just fled Vista land to try something new - and there are a heck of a lot people doing just that.

The book starts with turning the machine on and progresses through various time-saving shortcuts, all sorts of things you might like to do (playing and burning digital media for example), getting on the internet and using it, and maintaining your machine.

There are some nice tips and tricks along the way such as how to eject a CD that the machine hasn't recognised. Quite a lot of it is basic but there are a few things that aren't all that well-known. As such it is perfect for the people it's intended for.

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