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Fri, 30 Jan 2009


Julie Kavanagh, Nureyev: a life, Vintage

When I was a child Nureyev was one of the emblems of being absolutely fabulous - always seen in photos with gorgeous and glamourous women, always looking fabulous himself, and then, of course, he was a fabulous ballet dancer.

Julie Kavanagh also does a fabulous job of tracing his career from Russia's deep wilderness to the heights of society in the West and the heights of artistic creation. She also manages to reveal some of his least lovable characteristics without seeming judgemental or prurient.

He was of course extremely Gay, which wasn't known to many in the general world at the time. It was AIDS that killed him prematurely and this world of extreme promiscuity is also covered with some grace as is his decline and death.

In the end, this book is an affectionate and admiring tribute that nevertheless manages to look its subject full in the face. It is a must for ballet fans I should say. (Baron K)

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