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Sat, 28 Feb 2009

Iggy Pop

Joe Ambrose, Gimme Danger: The Story of Iggy Pop, Omnibus Press

The Ig has turned into a bit of an icon - wild man grandfather of Punk turned into clean-living semi-socialite with a few bucks in the bank for a change. Who would begrudge him that? Or say he wasn't worth a book.

Joe Ambrose does a good job too, taking it from his family background (eccentric but not deprived) and his early-won outsider status. And then right through The Stooges, the Bowie years, and on to the present. It's not a hagiography either - the author sounds much like a Stooges fan and so the Bowie influence isn't something he's ecstatic about and he has a few words to say about Bowie's money-grubbing.

In fact you get a pretty good coverage of a fair bit of Bowie's career just through his proximity to Pop... LA, Berlin, and beyond.

There are quite a few photos as well. (thunderfinger)

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