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Mon, 20 Dec 2004

Building the Perfect PC

RB and BF Thompson
Perfect PC, you say, perfect for what? Don't worry, the authors thought
of that and provide a few different ideals: mainstream PC, SOHO server,
LAN party PC, home theater PC, and a small form factor PC.

It's all interesting too, with reasons given for choices, and scattered
nuggets throughout. One of the main helps is that you get choices for
most components which could save you a whole lot of the time in the shop
as you look at piles of components without any clue whatsoever about
what is good, bad, and acceptable. You'll also get told things like if
you're buying a readymade server, just buy IBM, which is interesting
given what's been happening at other companies.

Each PC project has a seperate section with color photos and lists of
components, and helpful hints along with how much time to allow.

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