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Sat, 03 Feb 2007

Building PC's

R.B.Thompson, B.F. Thompson,
Building the Perfect PC, 2nd Edition,

This is an update of the excellent first edition where component lists are brought up to date, and there's some additionl comment.

If you didn't see the original, the format is to set out a number of different projects (Media PC, Gaming PC, SOHO server etc.) and help you build them by first selecting components, explaining why they were selected, and then taking you through construction with the aid of colour pictures. Along the way there are interesting remarks in sidebars.

At the start of this edition there's also a very interesting discussion about LCD vs CRT monitors. If you thought that LCD was a superior technical solution as far as showing the screen is concerned you'd be wrong, and CRT's will be gone soon. Interesting, and somewhat annoying. It's a bit like looking up train timetables from the early 1900's and finding that journey times were faster then in some countries - a bit of a joke and a bit of a con.

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