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Thu, 30 Mar 2006

C in a Nutshell

Peter Prinz, Tony Crawford, C in a Nutshell,

Leaving aside the question of what computer programming language you should learn first if you need or want to learn one, C is still a major language and there are sstrong arguments for suggesting that C should be the one. There are also strong arguments for alternatives for C++, as there are for not bothering with the low-level stuff and just getting on with something higher level. In the end, what you will attempt will be driven a little by what your peers are doing, and most importantly, how deep into the machine you want to go. And remember, truly innovative solutions are more likely to come from deeper inside the machine.

Anyway, the Nutshell series is a no nonsence and no frills approach which is really suitable, not so much for initial learning, but for delving into once you know a bit. With C, the original Kernighan and Ritchie book is a good bet and that could be supplemented by something like one of the Dietel and Dietel series even though I personally don't like them all that much.

Think of this book as a C "bible".

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