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Mon, 02 Oct 2006

CSS: the missing manual

David Sawyer McFarland, CDD: The Missing Manual,
Pogue Press/O'Reilly

I wonder how many people who play around with web pages actually bother to do more than collect CSS components and assemble them in an hoc way. If you're just wandering the web looking for info it's easy to get little bits to do with this and that but quite hard to find a proper course.

Well, here it is. This book takes you through the basics and then introduces you to various interesting things you can do. One of the interesting things is that style sheets enable lots of cool looking things that can't be done with plain HTML. Just give me the functional text, you say? Well, this sort of thing can be used just for pure eye candy (and why not?) but can also be used to aid the function of understanding by the use of clever layout etc. Another functional plus of CSS is that pages become smaller and redoing a whole site with external style sheets becomes a very small job. But you already knew that.

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