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Sun, 29 Jan 2006

iPod Cult

Leander Kahney, The Cult of iPod, No Starch Press

No doubt about it, the iPod has been a truly amazing success all around the major markets of the world. Who would have thunk that a really nicely designed object could have achieved such success?! Part of the reason has to do with the ease of the whole iPod/iTunes/computer package. People who weren't all that confident in their computer skills found that they really didn't need any in order to get songs online. Those that did have the skills found they could get all sorts of free stuff online as well.

This graphically rich book traces the genus of the thing and looks through various oddities thought up by fans. One of the interesting things is that while the object is hardly a rarity, it still has some cool attached to it and this is spurred along by creative users coming up with anything from skins to silent dance social events.

This whole thing has a while before it plays out but this book is a nice summary of what's happened so far.

You can catch one chapter of the book here at Mstation.

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