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Mon, 20 Dec 2004

The Cult of Mac

No Starch Press 
Leander Kahney

Leander Kahney has had some fun chronicling the weird, the wonderful,
and the not so wonderful of the Apple makers and their acolytes. No
Starch has also had some fun in producing a graphics-rich hardback which
is pretty sure to end up under quite a few Christmas trees.

There are a couple of geography related things you should ignore though.
First, last I heard, the island of Tasmania was quite close to Australia
and so people living there are usually not called Kiwis -- who are from
New Zealand. The other is that the electronics shop area of Tokyo is
called Akihabara, not Akibahara ... and one page later it's mentioned

Anyway, Kahney takes us on a trip through love communes, haircuts,
tatoos, personalities, and some of the machinery. It's sociology rather
than geekery in that it's mostly non-technical. In some ways the whole
Apple thing is almost about the anti-geek, as it's based on ease of use,
looks, and the cool factor. Whatever; this book is fun.

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