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Fri, 28 Jan 2005

Design Patterns

Eric and Elisabeth Freeman, Kathey Sierra, Bert Bates,
Head First Design Patterns, O'Reilly

Perhaps you've been doing OO programming and feel like you
could do with a bit more conceptual territory at the top
end. Perhaps you're one of the many who shifted to C++ but
due to cranky, unintelligent project managers and various
other excuses, you didn't quite make the shift from function
based design.

Perhaps not. Well, anyway, what this book aims to do is give
you a sound grounding in the business of design patterns. The
object is to create code in such a way as to help maximise 
reuse and extensibility.

The example language used is Java but the lessons are fairly
universal for OO programming in general. The teaching method
involves a fair bit of repetition that uses humorous asides
to help keep your eyes open. But it will only be boring if
you have no interest in the topic ... in which case you
wouldn't be looking at it anyway.

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