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Mon, 30 May 2005

Digital Audio

Bruce Fries, Marty Fries, Digital Audio Essentials, O'Reilly

This book is labelled "A Comprehensive Guide to Creating, Recording, Editing. and Sharing Music and Other Audio". It is directed at people who don't know very much to start with -- a newbies guide.

As such, it's fairly ideal. It goes through the practical aspects of playing and making, and recording sounds, and even includes some notes on copyright and formats.

The book starts with basics of digital sound and then goes on to look at equipment needed, connections, ways of playing music, the web, internet radio, portable players, more on digital sound, formats, and then onto capturing and editing.

As podcasting is on our minds at the moment we'd have to say that's a glaring omission but it's likely the book was largely written before that got going -- and it only really got going last September. There's also no mention of Surround sound but that topic is probably rightfully left to something beyond "Essentials".

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