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Mon, 29 Aug 2005

Ebay Hacks

David A. Karp, eBay Hacks, 2nd Edition, O'Reilly

People tell me that eBay is great; that they sell are their unwanted equipment, utencils, and relatives there. I've not had their luck. Most of the time I've tried to use it I seem to end up with bottomfeeders, who after a lot of hemming, hawing, and ffaffing about decide that about 0.05% of a reasonable secondhand value would be about the maximum they could possibly offer.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong so I looked into this book to try and find out what it was. There is a lot of stuff here, ranging from reputation issues and how to handle them to the minutae of bidding and selling. If you fancy yourself as an expert eBay trader then you certainly can't go wrong poring through all 428 pages of it (without the index). There are plenty of scripts along the way as well to get all sorts of tasks done.

I don't think there's any particular secret to dealing on eBay though. There are a lot of bottom feeders there.

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