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Mon, 01 May 2006

Extreme PC's

Ben Hardwidge, Building Extreme PC's:
The Complete Guide to Moddingand Custom PC's,

This larger format paperback is actually a bit more than a guide to modding PC's. It's also a pretty reasonable tech history of the PC with lots of illustrations. This sort of thing can be fairly useful if you've missed out on some of the recent development chapters of the PC.

The idea though is to banish the beige box and get as wild as you want in doing so. There are lots of photos to act as inspiration and descriptions of the different things people have done along with ways of getting the things done.

The first part of the book looks at aspects of what is done, including video cards, overclocking, water cooling, and various useful tools. After that there's an assortment of modded PC's to contemplate and possibly inspire. Even if you don't like all the designs, most people who would be looking at this book will admire the craftsmanship involved.

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