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Sat, 02 Sep 2006

Final Cut Pro

Rick Young, The Focal Easy Guide to
Final Cut Pro 5, Focal Press

Final Cut Pro is not much like iMovie. The latter is fairly intuitive and the things it does do are easily discoverable. Here at Mstation we used iMovie to create some short promos for the first Bleepfest. Recently we made some for the second Bleepfest and immediately ran into problems. How do you cut to music beats with iMovie? With some difficulty so we decided to try out hand with Final Cut Pro. And that's when we learnt we'd have to RTM.

The manual isn't that bad. It just a little too much detail. We knew what we wanted to do and needed some help. And by curious coincidence we selected this book out of a great pile as being closest to our needs.

The reasons why were that it is reasonably compact and not much hassle to refer to and it is also very good although the first tip we got as to how to cut to beats came off the web. What you do is play through and make markers as you go on the soundtrack and then go from there.

This book first takes you through setting the program up visually and also explains what the many indeciferable GUI widgets do. From there it goes through all the important things you need to know about capture, editing, titles and the like and each portion is well illustrated with screen shots and explanatory asides.

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