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Fri, 29 Apr 2005

Firefox Hacks

Nigel McFarlane, Firefox Hacks: Tips and Tricks for Next-Generation
Web Browsing, O'Reilly

Another in O'Reilly's useful Hacks series: this book takes us through aspects of Firefox that many might not be aware of. It also has fairly sizable chunks which are aimed specifically at developers.

First up, might I say that if you're using IE, you should maybe enhance your browsing experience and lower your bad-things-might-happen exposure by using firefox. It is free and comes from

This book starts off with the basics (ways to display a webpage, how to get there etc), looks at security issues, and then goes along through surfing enhancements, tools for web developers, power xml, mucking with the chrome, and how to deal with bugs and support issues.

After doing some random dipping I'd have to say that if you're not a developer you might find choosing your section as a better way to go. Ten random dips produced ten developer-related hacks.

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