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Mon, 30 May 2005

Firefox and Thunderbird

Hofmann, Knous, Hedke, Firefox and Thunderbird Garage, Prentice Hall

There are some pretty good reasons for reviewing these two books and the first one is that you most likely shouldn't be using Internet Explorer right now. Although there have been many patches to try and secure it, it is still a security nightmare. Maybe you'd like to go get mozilla right now while you're all excited about it.

Anyway, this book outlines in usable detail why you should be using firefox and/or thunderbird, how to get it, and how to set things up once you have. It also explores how you can customize them, and add to them with extensions. The book is aimed at the curious user who is not already a guru but is detailed enough that even if you have some information already, you should find segments that you didn't know about. It's also a guide to state of the art web browsing.

Scott Granneman, don't click on the blue e! switching to firefox, O'Reilly

This book is aimed at Windows users and will hold their hands while it guides them through the why and how of changing over.

At the beginning there's a nice history of the whole thing that might have you remembering the graduation from gopher to Mosaic and the web and then the first Netscape. Funny how at the time, the idea of Netscape teaming up with AOL seemed like something that would lead exactly nowhere -- and so it proved.

And then along came Internet Explorer, and once it got good enough to keep MS Windows users and make bad times for the opposition, its development pretty much stopped. Mozilla came along in those times and has been under development ever since and, with Firefox, is getting some big numbers as far as users are concerned. Microsoft are making noises about a new IE but who would trust them?

This is your guide to getting out from under with all sorts of notes that are useful at user level.

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