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Mon, 20 Dec 2004

Game Console Hacking:

Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Atari, & Gamepark 32
Joe Grand
There are plenty of after Christmas projects here for those who find
themselves looking for something to do at that time. As can be seen from
the title, there's a good range of consoles to choose from as well.

The Xbox is very well catered for but the Playstation is not. There's a
section on making a serial port and another on booting code from the
memory card. There's also one on having an independent hard drive. This
could be very useful with the new thinline PS2 as it doesn't have space
for a drive. The instructions don't deal with the new model though.

The Xbox section has quite a lot of projects including how to run Linux.
That one is purely a software hack, so no tools needed there. In the
hardware section there are a number of projects including installing
network LED's on the front of the case, adding a remote reset switch to
a controller and many more.

In the Atari section, one fun project is to take a 2600 case and make it
into a PC and using a wireless mouse and keyboard to control it.

The Nintendo section has projects for the GBA and the old-timer, NES.
There is actually a section on retro-platforms as well.

To top it all off there's quite a good appendix on electrical
engineering which includes what different components do in a circuit
along with some equations.

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