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Thu, 01 Dec 2005

Garageband 2

David Pogue, Garageband 2: the missing manual,
Pogue Press, O'Reilly

The junior relation of Logic and Sountrack which comes free with new Macs is actually a fairly easy piece of software to get making music on. A little exploration of what happens if you click this or that soon finds most people getting the hang of the thing.

However, if people have no experience at all with making music then the relationships of things and what to expect are not so immediately apparent. And it is those people who will really benefit from this book, which takes you through all the basics of how and why and even has some music lessons in the back.

There are also things that are not intuitive and not apparent from looking at anything. One such thing is sound fonts. You can load, play, and record them in garageband and this book tells you how.

It is a handy allround GarageBand reference, and lots of color illustrations make pinpointing what to do in certain circumstances an easy task.

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