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Mon, 03 Oct 2005

Geek Chic

Neil Feineman, Geek Chic, Thames and Hudson

While the words "Geek" and "Chic" might at first thought have some difficulty inhabiting the same sentence, the author would have it that this geek thing is now everywhere, and it is, dare we say it, cool.

The geek world has always been inclusive but it was never a matter of just wearing the wrong fashions. The substance of the thing has to do with real learning and sometimes badly executed enthusiasm which might well be totally impervious to the disinterest of those surrounding.

This book isn't about clothes fashion. It consists of a whole bunch of paragraphs in a tiny font which are joined by arrow paths to a timeline. The paragraphs deal with books, music, people, some hardware, and some scientific principles and who brought them to us.

Such an approach is necessarily simplistic at times but it is successful in the way it is supposed to be: to present a list of things in a graphically interesting way that is fun.

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