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Sun, 29 Jan 2006

Goggle Story

David A.Vise, The Google Story, MacMillan

The last time we reviewed a Google howto book, we said that the next book would probably be Google: The IPO or somesuch, and here it is! Actually it's more than that as it attempts to cover the company and its main actors from inception to nowish.

It is a story with some appeal too: for capitalists and money grubbers it's a wonderful tale about making metric tons of money and for geeks it's a nice tale about smart people getting their own way and actually getting to tell marketing what to do... and a whole lot of other people besides.

For people who have followed Google there isn't that much that is new here, and if you do know a bit you will occasionally get annoyed at the repetitive restating of the same idea during the course of a chapter. Also, I don't really feel the author has got that close to understanding Larry and Sergei and they do come across as media cutouts rather than as real people. Still and all, it is an interesting story which will be enjoyed by quite a few people who aren't that close to proceedings.

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