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Fri, 31 Aug 2007

Carl Hiaasen

It's quite good picking up on an author when they've already got a few books out. When you've finished the first you can just pop down to the bookshop and scoop up some more instead of having to wait for the next one to be published.

Carl Hiaasen, for example has already written an arm load and looks set to be around to write quite a few more. An interesting thing about Florida-based Hiaasen is that he's been (quite a while back) picked up by semi-trendy media outside the US - in the UK for example.

The reasons for this are varied but here are some - he's very funny; in his crime books there are an assortment of over-the-top, only in America figures; the badies usually suffer fairly gory and uncomfortable ends, and imaginative too. One UK critic compares him to Evelyn Waugh for the simmering rage he views the world with - disgusting property developers, shyster politicians, stupid and venal white trash - the list goes on and on. Of course it's the humour and imagination that saves the day. Without these we'd just have another depressing alternative news source.

Our favourite so far is Sick Puppy which stars a take-no-prisoners eco-warrior against a cast of venal scum-buckets which includes an ex-drug dealer property developer with a Barbie fetish. Suitably grissly ends await quite a few of them.

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