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Mon, 01 May 2006

Java History

Sun Microsystems, Hello World(s)! From Code to Culture:
A 10 Year Celebration of Java Technology,
available from Pearson Education

This is a nicely produced hardback that sets out the ten years of Java from idea stage to where it is today (on a whole lot of cellphones for a start). It is not a technical book but more of a PR celebration with lots of big photos and nice graphics and a nice story of how it all happened, complete with some false starts and redeployments and then on to some heady success.

This being a book from Sun itself, you don't hear too much about what people don't like about it -- which is mostly that it carries its Virtual Machine wherever it goes, and there are circumstances where that can be irksome. Nevertheless, there has been an aspect of fun to this language which has been part clever promotion and part that it is a lot nicer than C++ to use ... even if it is suitable for entirely different jobs.

If you are a big Java fan, you'll probably find this book to be worth the hun.

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