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Mon, 02 Oct 2006


David Flanagan, Javascript: The Definitive Guide,
5th Edition, O'Reilly

Not much loved, but very frequently used on the Web to perform all kinds of tasks, this book sets the whole thing out and it must have had quite a few takers in the past as this is the fifth edition.

I wonder to what extent AJAX has spurred things on. The "J" stands for javascript but I suspect that a great number of people will be using frameworks to get their AJAX things happening rather than writing lots of javascript code. Those, however, that take some time over learning javascript properly will be ahead of the game.

And this book would do just fine for that purpose. It starts out by looking at datatypes and statements and looks at the DOM and XML, amongst other things, and then gives a full run through of objects and methods. These are always fun to look through as usually there's something to get an idea flickering.

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