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Sun, 29 Jan 2006

Parallel Worlds

Michio Kaku, Parallel Worlds, Penguin

Parallel worlds indeed! If you like the idea of cosmic weirdness then this is for you -- parallel universes, wormholes, black holes: the whole bit.

These are not things dreamt up by sci-fi writers in their cups but serious physicists and cosmologists. Not that anything is proven however. It could well be that all this clever surmise turns out to be an ingeniously created structure that encapsulates all we know but is ... wrong. Or it could be correct. Who knows? As time goes on perhaps more and more hypotheses will be able to be checked empirically and we will have more hard answers.

Along the way you get a history of cosmology that is understandable for a non-scientist, and written in a clear and entertaining manner. Certainly there is a lot here to expand the brain including the thought that even resolution of the many questions raised here that relate to the mechanics of the universe still leaves the very biggest question unanswered.

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