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Mon, 27 Feb 2006

Linux Multimedia Hacks

Kyle Rankin, Linux Multimedia Hacks, O'Reilly

Everyone knows that here is a lot can be done with Linux and a lot you can make it do if you have a little knowledge. This book is to do with images, audio, and video, and there's a rich assortment of things to do -- even for people who already have a few clues.

Organise your photos; do neat stuff with command line tools; make a screen capture movie -- that's just a small sampling from the image section. Audio includes format conversion and DJing, ripping CDs and using an iPod with Linux. The emphasis here is on normal user level things rather than audio experts' but there's probably something there for them a s well. In the video line there's plenty to do with handling DVD's, mythTV and the like.

There's lot to play with here.

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